Tuesday, 16 August 2011

And it's a howdy from me

Like, long time no blog right?

So yeah, I've been busy, really busy. Finishing uni, moving house (again), starting my new job, partying, sleeping, eating great food (and some not so good stuff - prawns, sweet chilli and cream cheese = EWW!)...
All that stuff seems to have monopolised my time. Combined with the fashion fatigue I was suffering from as an effect of the over exposure at uni and general stress and feeling apathetic about EVERYTHING, I've been a bad bad girl and not blogged for simply ages!

But I feel renewed after a few months of settling into a new routine. I'm loving my job at swatch, and I shall be blogging about the new Kid Robot and Jeremy Scott ranges soon, because they are just too awesome.
However today I've woken up, excited about the prospect of going for sushi with some of my girl friends. I've flicked through the new editions of Glamour and Company, I've had a nose around style.com and I can tell you now, I am so freaking ENERGISED by the new season trends!

I'm a winter girl; give me a big sweater, long scarves wrapped around your face, hot cocoa with gingerbread and thick tights, fingerless gloves, velvet, cashmere and suede, reds and purples and inky blacks, snow and fairy lights and piles of fallen leaves, the smell of frost...

It's all such a relief after the casual, floaty, heat of summer. I live up to my floral name and wilt in the heat after all.

So it follows that I prefer A/W, it makes me more inspired. Plus I get to wear layers, which I love :)

This A/W there are some bloody fantastic trends. The whole retro vibe; seventies swagger, forties elegance, sixties chic... It's all good babydolls.

In particular I'm loving the seventies/granny/folky feel of House of Holland, yes i even like the granny blanket scarf...

(Images from style.com) HOH A/W 2011

That light blue tweed is gorgeous, such a play on the traditional winter fabrics, and as much as I normally hate orange, the jack-o-lantern shade in the first image is such a great colour pop against the leather jacket and the technicolour scarf.

Another collection that I really loved was Dolce and Gabanna A/W 2011.
A contrasting collection of yuppy style power suiting and androgyny played against the stunning star prints and hits of coloured sequins.

The masculine tailoring of the more androgynous garments looks fresh even if the idea isn't new in itself. There are the teddy boy-esque drape coats and tidy shirts. And the nod to The Night Porter with the exposed braces across the shirt breast. The peg leg trouser endures sadly, but I never think I have to like the whole outfit anyway.

(Images from Style.com, D&G R-T-W A/W 2011)

And against this manly, monochrome theme, come the girls. They glitter and glide, floating along in interglactic star prints and sequins and acres of silk chiffon, like human nebulai.
This stuff appeals to my inner magpie, feminine and whimsical with great big hits of SPARKLE!

(images from style.com, D&G R-T-W A/W 2011)

I especially love that petrol blue sequinned dress, it's just so jewel like and rich. Just gorgeous.

And on that note, I will end this post. It's becoming ridiculously long after all.

A nice launch back into the fashion-sphere. Hope you liked. I think I shall try and keep this up, there's plenty to report back about from the A/W shows and the new season stuff from the high street after all. Jeez I love the change from of the seasons!

Much love babydolls,

MerrieGirl xxx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wow man, it's been like a year

MerrieGirl apologises PROFUSELY for the absence of posts, stuff has just been.... crazy the past year. Working, to-ing and fro-ing between Birmingham and Norfolk, finishing uni, getting my heart broken a few times and generally being ill/exhausted most of the time.

I've been mostly hiding out on tumblr, posting pictures of Matt Smith and glitter a lot. Taking time out from fashion. It all got a bit intense for a while but now things seem... brighter? Finishing uni work has freed up some head space for blogging again I think. I'm wanting to draw for fun for the first time in ages, and to think about fashion... in part because I've read a lot of crap about fashion, pretentious or dumbed down. So I feel like writing my own opinions again.

Right now I'm suffering from tonsillitis, again, so I shall not be posting right now. I'm too caught up in feeling sick :(

But soon, there will be posts on a whole load of stuff... fingers crossed eh?

Much love,

Thursday, 24 June 2010

What Up?

So I know I know, there's been a serious lack of MerrieGirl action recently. Life has been manic, moving house, finding a job, blah blah blah blah blah... You get the picture.


I have been updating my autre blog: http://rosemerrie.tumblr.com/

It's not the long, interesting posts that you'd find here, more my inspiration, my work, thing's I'm doing in the day-to-day... That kinda thing.

So if you're wanting your MerrieGirl fix then head over there for the time being.

And enjoy the sunshine!
Love and peace,


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You Can Tell a Lot About a Man From His T-Shirt

I had a bit of spare time on Monday, so I decided to have a bit of a mooch through Selfridges, check out the new stock, people watch etc etc when I came across these beauties. Passarella Death Squad T-Shirts. I'm a big fan of the T-Shirt, it's a total style staple and everyone should own one unbelievably cool T-Shirt. These would certainly be a good start. I love the union flag one, and in these 'Come On England', World Cup times, it's the most stylish way to be patriotic!

Here's a selection of my personal faves from the website, www.passarella.co.uk which I think somebody should go to and buy me a selection from right now (I'm utterly skint so until I win the lottery it's the old faithful band T's clothing my fashionable back)

Love and Hugs,

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Douglas Booth is Beautiful

Anyone who's been paying attention will know that there was a truly unmissable show on the BBC recently - Worried About The Boy.

It starred the fabulous Douglas Booth, see the recent Burberry campaigns to see what I mean. He's the one with the perfect jaw-line.

It was a documentation of the rise to fame of Boy George. It was probably one of the best things I've seen in AAAAGES.
Here are a few stills from the show, note the Cramps T-shirt George/Douglas wears - I have the same shirt! Quite the 'squee' moment I can tell you!

Enjoy :)

George's 'straight' love interest, Kirk and his roackabilly girlfriend.

George, Marilyn and some of the other inhabbitants of the squat/Blitz crowd.

George finds Marilyn about to leave with a lover (note the shirt!)

George talks to Malcom McClaren about breaking into the music biz.

Looking sultry as the cloakroom attendant at Steve Strange's Blitz club.

George wearing the coolest T-Shirt ever, I own this T-shirt! :D

"What are you good at?" "Make up."

George and Kirk discuss song-writing.

"You look like a girl, tell me you're a girl." "I'm your girl."

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Just my friend Jim, photo taken by yours truely :)

Thursday, 13 May 2010


To celebrate the arrival of Skate 3 VICE UK sent photographer, and avid skater, Jonnie Craig off on a road trip to Ramsgate with a group of friends.

While they were there, they made the most of the best thing about skating, the hanging about with mates bit - an aspect which Skate 3’s revolutionary multiplayer features make use of for the first time. Skate 3 allows you to play with friends online and work as a team. No more sitting in your room in the dark racking up points alone, you can build the ultimate team and compete with others online, design your own parks and logos. In short – you can do a lot more than you can do in Ramsgate, and you can still do it with your mates.