Monday, 19 October 2009

Celebrate HOH!

 Whilst perusing the lingerie Dept of Debenhams in Birmingham, I came across a stand full of these little beauties. 

As a pretty big House of Holland fan I just HAD to get a pair. The had all sorts of different designs with the little house motif and loads of bright colours n stuff. But I just loved this Over The Knee style. The black was a bit classic and I fully intend to wear tehm with coloured or white opaques undernieth for that added edge.

How fabby do they look! Everyone go out and buy a pair! Right now goddamnit!

Luff and kisses,

coming soon, my adventures in Wales and what to wear to a strip club....

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wagamama is amazing! Agree?

Wagamama are holding a t-shirt design competition where the winner will receive £1000 and also see their design turned into the new Wagamama uniform for all the restaurants across the UK. 

Find out more here

I will totally be entering! I think you should to! And if you do win don't forget to bring me along to your celebratory meal at Wagamamas! Mine's a Chicken Katsu Curry with rice and a juice :)

I <3 Borders

On a rainy day there's nothing I like better than going into the city and wandering around the bullring. 

While I love a good mooch around Selfridges or Debenhams (I know it's a bit sad but I love department stores) today I thought I would go see 
what the new magazine releases were. I was not disappointed. I picked up the new edition of French Vogue (about 1,000,000 times better than British one, even if I cant read it that well, hey i don't read the british one!)

This is the October issue that's causing a bit of controversy due to a photoshoot by Steven Klein and French Vogue editor herself Carine Roitfeld, featuring hot-as-you-like model Lara Stone. While this sort of thing is typical of Vogue, this particular shoot is more risqué than usual because Miss Stone has been painted. Her skin has been covered in make up to make her look black. 

Yay or Nay? I personally find it a bit tasteless. Stone is stunning in her own right, for her own colouring and features. There are also so many beautiful dark skinned models out there - Naomi Campbell, Jordan Dunn, Alek Wek? If they wanted a black girl they could've used these women. It seems a bit strange to have done what they did. But you can't dispute the boldness of the shoot and the quality of the shoot. Kudos Steven Klein, as always.

I also picked up Lula, a fairly new magazine, with a really hyper feminine feel to it, it's all girly type-faces and soft colours and female icons (articles on Grace Coddington, Mercedes Helnwein and Emmylou Harris) it's a nice antidote to the increasingly androgynous focus in a lot of magazines. I like it anyway, definitely something to get again in the future.

I also looked at, but didn't buy, Notion magazine. Which is a very 'nu rave' style magazine. Very edgy, androgynous and just a bit fierce.

I just had a quick flick through while I was in Borders and found an advert for the fabulous Vivienne Of Holloway, a favourite of my flatmates. I'd never seen VoH ad so though i just had to stick it on the end here. 

So that's my most recent overspend in Borders. I'm sure it shall happen again soon.

Love and kisses, MerrieGirl

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Red Bull, bags, hair and SERIOUS boot envy

It's a bit belated, but what with moving back to B'ham and getting back into the swing of uni I have neglected to report on the experience that was the Red Bull Fashion Factory for London Fashion Week. It was really lucky that I got to go. The illustrator Miss Led, whom I follow on facebook, posted as her status that she had 15 guest list places for the first people to email her. So I did and then me and my sister were on the guest list to a LFW party! So we got the train to good old London, got lost finding the venue but eventually ended up at the right place and has a really excellent day - even if I was the fattest person in the room.

 It really was an OH MY GOD moment when I saw this particular lady. A great big, black, patent MULBERRY ROXANNE nonetheless!!! I am quite the devotee to Mulberry, their bags are the absolute sex. This madame rocked a VERY expensive and chic look, despite being in hareem pants, Topshop shirt and oversized cardie (on paper it's a dress down look, no?)
But, she brought it to a whole new level with such an amazing bag. I want to be her in the future. Totally.

I was seriously impressed with the print on this girls frock. Between tribal and floral - but with a surprisingly winter twist. It really doesn't look like a summer look somehow. The blunt fringe makes it bold though, and NOTE! NO BARE LEGS!!!!!

Another killer outfit with a HUUUUGE Vivienne Westwood bag. I actually love the check on this, and it was a nice nod to the fact VW had shown her red collection at the Fashion Factory venue on Old Oxford Street the previous night. I did actually have guestlist places to go to that night but, due to lack of transport and money, just couldn't make it. Apparently there were problems with the guest lists and I probably wouldn't have been able to get in anyway, as a mere student! Though I did blag my way into the Felder Felder show on the Monday night, lots of attitude-y studding, black and more than a touch of biker.

 The girl with the pink hair, my pink hair twin for the evening. I dyed my hair pink in true fashion student style - statement hair, without the cost of a decent hair cut! It was crazy to have this girl rocking pretty much the same shade of magenta pink, we were both at the Old Sorting Office all day, guest list-ers of course. And she had great shoes!

And lastly, these boots.

Basically the sexiest little things I saw the whole time we were there, even beating the SUPER high wedges in the graduate shows. They summed up the kinda thing people were wearing - fierce, buckled, super high and BLACK. But basically they were amazing. Kudos to the wearer.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Vice-y Goodness

The all new ViceUK student guide is now ONLINE folks!
So get viewing, get laughing, get LOVING IT, fo sho mo fos!

I know it's a shortie and I haven't posted in a while but I will write a proper post soon. Cross my heat and what-not.

Much Luff,