Thursday, 17 September 2009

Chocolate Biscuit Wonderland

I met a guy today in town, a friend of a friend. He bounds over and proclaims 'I'm a chocolate biscuit!' 


That's the title explanation half done so now onto the main feature. It's the advent of London Fashion Week (LFW). It starts tomorrow and it will be one hell of an event. As I mentioned before La Wintour is going to be there along with all the great editors - great snippet in the Observer food monthly about how Wintour and Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue would go to the great eateries of London and not eat and want to smoke there tres tongue in cheek of course. The Times is doing a massive style section this Saturday as a reflection on the events in London. I'm sure they won't be alone. 

So while the international glossies will be doing the 'best of fashion week overview in their next issues, the weeklies will be doing the who-wore-what and so on and so forth...

The magazines who's comments I'd most like to read however, are unlikely to do anything remotely in depth regarding fashion week. Which is a shame. Wonderland is my personal bible. When the current issue was released, after a summer hiatus and re-style, I was so excited to see the white typeface glowing from the shelves in WHSmiths I actually squealed and RAN (yes RAN) across the store to go and grab a copy. Which I bought and read in Cafe Nero within half an hour of setting eyes on it.

So basically I'm a fangirl.

I've seen the last 2 rebrands, am familliar with the fashion team - Lauren Blane was my tutor for a module at uni and Way Perry follows me on facebook - and am constantly inspired by the shoots. It just rocks.

------Sorry for the delay on this, I never got around to publishing it so it's a bit old school but a bit abut the new issue of Wonderland was too good to skip over------

Luff and smoochies, 

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