Monday, 26 April 2010

She's a passionate woman

A few weeks ago, BBC1 (thats sacred insitution) screened a version of 'A Passionate Woman' starring Billie Piper and Sue Johnston. It's a great story, really well produced by the beeb, and very heartwarming to say the least. I loves the setting and thought the characters were very well portrayed by all the actors. It's not longer onBBC iplayer, but hopefully it'll be brought out on DVD and I may have to buy it - if nothing else for the main character, Betty, and her fabulous buttercup yellow dress.

Here are a few stills from the programme, see for yourself.

Beautiful, yes?

On an unrelated note, TKMaxx in Birmingham has Luella Bags in atm but they're just out of my price range, so if anyone's feeling rather generous and feels like rewarding me for all my hard blogging work....?
Hehe, I can always ask.

Have a lovely day,

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Rufus Wainwright - Dinner At Eight (Live in Birmingham)

I was there, watching him sing.
It was so beautiful it made me cry a little. I recommend that EVERYONE try and see Rufus at some point, and buy his new album too!!!


Friday, 23 April 2010

Pants are the window to the soul

Apologies for a brief quiet period from MerrieGirl, work got on top of me and I've been working my butt off (sadly not literally) for the last few weeks and just haven't had the chance to sit down adn write anything!

So, while perusing the fabulous new ViceStyle website (google it, it is WELL worth a look) I happened across this:

And while reading the article, I figured, she is so right. You CAN tell a lot about a person form their underwear. I have a friend who wears expensive lacy knickers, brazilian style, in reds and black. The sexyness of these sort of pants really sums her up.
I know another girl who lives in primark cutsie pants with cartoons, bows and hearts on them (lots of pink) and she's a very girly girl - possibly a little bit immature too - but you can really get that from her pants.

I'm not about to go into detail about my own underwear, but I definitely think it describes me, if describes is the right word.

So yeah, read the article and see what i mean, though beware, most of the people interviewed in it don't change their pants every day which is unforgivably gross so maybe save it until after you've eaten.

Pants on guys I feel cotton boxers or jersey boxer briefs are a good way to go, it stops you looking like your mum still buys your underpants. Though I'm less of a fan of really obvious logos, Calvin Kleins are always a win. And man thongs should be avoided unless your manly arse is perfectly hair free and fabulously sculpted.

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I LOVE tights :D


you should enter this, cos it's awesome (and who doesn't want the chance to win fun times?)

Secondly, the fabulous new Vice Style website has done it again, go check it out at
with this extraordinary article about Noël, just Noël - it's waayyyyy cooler as the singular name don't you think?

Well anyway Noël loves tights.

And as you surely know, I love tights. They are amazing, as a fashion statement and the mark of a real lady (or man) I mean with a skirt tights are an absolute NECESSITY! Especially if the skirt in question is above the knee. That's just a rule right there.

For the full article ---- >
go read, enrich yourselves, learn something, be inspired.

Happy readings,


Luella is one of those rare brands that combines wearability with a completely 'of the moment' style, fresh yet realistic. I always loved the wholesome British, girly twist Ms Bartley put on everything. As you know, Luella ceased trading in the later part of 2009 and are seeking backers to try and keep the brand alive.

A facebook support group was set up:

and people are pledging their love of the brand through comments, pictures etc etc. There's a lot of love for Luella.

My favourite contribution was definitely this:

I just think it's so reflective of the brand (cute, homespun, VERY British) and wanted to share it with all my dear readers. The image was uploaded by Heleen De Boever according to FB, so I hope she'll forgive me for reposting her work, but I thought it was just so lovely I couldn't resist.

Have a nice day :)


Sunday, 4 April 2010

I want a necklace made of crab legs and tripe...

Happy Easter/chocolate day there my lovely readers, hope everybody's enjoyed their breakfast of sweeties and chocolate (Kinder eggs here, fabulous things) and is looking forward to a relaxing day of roast dinners with the family or a walk in the fresh air or watching whatever film is on telly (I will be watching/recording 13 Going On 30 at 5.10pm on channel 5) or possibly even church for some of you.

Today the topic on my mind is Dominic Jones, eccentric jeweller extraordinaire. Thanks to my status as a Vice urchin I have the magazine delivered to my door once a month and this month was the annual 'Fashion Issue'. It did not disappoint, me and my flatmates poured over the shoots, checked out the feature on embellished leather jackets (Punk ones, not Christopher Kane ones) and spotted the Blane/Rayner shoot for Addidas. But it was the accessories shoot featuring the work of Dominic Jones that REALLY caught our eye.

Firstly it was the squid that did it, my flatmate Fran is essentially a mermaid as far as her obsession with all things sea-dwelling goes. But upon closer inspection of the photos, and many debates of 'is it real? It can't be real, but it looks so real,' the skill involved in the production of such extravagant pieces became apparent. This is not the work of any old craft jeweller, it's beautiful and focused - looking good at any expense.

And the model, a miss Suki at Union models, well we have to give credit to the girl. I certainly wouldn't have been able to look as comfortable and effortless in front of the camera with bits of fish guts or stomach lining next to my face, let alone snails! What a professional

The effect is really beautiful, the photography makes it all look so delicate and elegant - kudos Mr Ellis Scott - and the styling (e.g. - a Cacherel dress with the bones) is perfectly complimentary, bringing what could be describes as bits of entrails and general 'grossness' onto a new level, where they become exquisite couture jewellery.

Photos: Ellis Scott
Jewellery: Dominic Jones
Styled: Aldene Johnson
Stylist's Assistant: Holly Barnes
Make-Up: Kate Lindsey using MAC Pro
Hair: Klare Wilkinson
Photo Assistant: Niall Kennedy
Model: Suki at Union Models

To see the shoot on the ViceStyle website and read the interview with Dominic Jones himself, follow the links bellow:

shoot ------->

interview ---->

Have a nice day,