Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wow man, it's been like a year

MerrieGirl apologises PROFUSELY for the absence of posts, stuff has just been.... crazy the past year. Working, to-ing and fro-ing between Birmingham and Norfolk, finishing uni, getting my heart broken a few times and generally being ill/exhausted most of the time.

I've been mostly hiding out on tumblr, posting pictures of Matt Smith and glitter a lot. Taking time out from fashion. It all got a bit intense for a while but now things seem... brighter? Finishing uni work has freed up some head space for blogging again I think. I'm wanting to draw for fun for the first time in ages, and to think about fashion... in part because I've read a lot of crap about fashion, pretentious or dumbed down. So I feel like writing my own opinions again.

Right now I'm suffering from tonsillitis, again, so I shall not be posting right now. I'm too caught up in feeling sick :(

But soon, there will be posts on a whole load of stuff... fingers crossed eh?

Much love,

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