Monday, 22 March 2010

Dear you....

“Dear whoever is reading this. Guess what?
You are loved. Don’t nod your head and say you’re not.
You are. You are lovely and you are loved.
End of story.”

Cute quote right?

Just a quickie update really, with some illustration work I'm doing for my current uni project. It's called 'menagerie' based on a poem. I've decided to avoid the obvious animal route and look at the idea of a collection (menagerie meaning a collection of caged animals). We collect lovers, secrets, heartbreaks in our lives, and we bury them and keep them to ourselves, so my idea is about the loneliness and pain or great happiness we experience within these emotions.

here are the pics!

Have a great day dear reader, enjoy the lovely WARM weather at the moment, right now I've got sunshine pouring through my window and warming my toes as I sit and type. Lovely stuff! :)

Peace and love,

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