Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jack White, most beautiful man ever...

So, since the demise of Borders, I've been seeking out places I can buy my favourite fashion rags in Birmingham. This I can tell you, is no mean feat! WHSmiths is, limited to say the least (though do offer an ordering service that you pay for (only helpful if you can afford to pay it regularly, which sadly I can't)
They stock the standard Vogue/ID/Dazed and Confused with Pop, Love and Wonderland around the time they are released (but it's a limited supply so you have to get in there quick!) But, this week I had a bit of a peruse in both WHSmiths in Brum city centre, and found 10, 10 Man, Another Magazine, Another Man and Arena Homme +!
So I spent money I can't really afford and got myself a copy of the new Another Man. The reason? It has the DIVINE Jackie WHite on the cover, mmmmmmm

Sample photos from the Another website....

My obsession with Jack White began in about 2003, watching the video for Seven Nation Army... that porcelain face, the piercing eyes, the frantic guitar-playing fingers, I mean! WOW!

So yeah, bit of a love affair ever since. And he's not just a pretty face... A super talented guitar player, he makes many of the 'Best Guitarist Ever' lists (including a few for Rolling Stone magazine), he plays in three headlining bands - The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather - and is one of the most in demand producers in the world with his production company Third Man Records.

So I'm just basking in his wonderous-ness. Go buy the magazine and soak him up...

Love and Kissed, MerrieGirl

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