Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I LOVE tights :D


you should enter this, cos it's awesome (and who doesn't want the chance to win fun times?)

Secondly, the fabulous new Vice Style website has done it again, go check it out at
with this extraordinary article about Noël, just Noël - it's waayyyyy cooler as the singular name don't you think?

Well anyway Noël loves tights.

And as you surely know, I love tights. They are amazing, as a fashion statement and the mark of a real lady (or man) I mean with a skirt tights are an absolute NECESSITY! Especially if the skirt in question is above the knee. That's just a rule right there.

For the full article ---- >
go read, enrich yourselves, learn something, be inspired.

Happy readings,

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  1. I does make me happy to see guys wearing traditionally female cloths without being in drag :D While Girls can get away with traditionally guys clothes no problem, it's always something that garners attention for guys (try going to the supermarket in a dress!), which is fun sometimes, but can get irritating. For example I love dresses especially the warm heavy eastern European types, however I'd wear them as something comfortable and lazy where I wouldn't want to be making a statement- it kind of defeats the point & is more hassle than it's worth...