Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Luella is one of those rare brands that combines wearability with a completely 'of the moment' style, fresh yet realistic. I always loved the wholesome British, girly twist Ms Bartley put on everything. As you know, Luella ceased trading in the later part of 2009 and are seeking backers to try and keep the brand alive.

A facebook support group was set up:

and people are pledging their love of the brand through comments, pictures etc etc. There's a lot of love for Luella.

My favourite contribution was definitely this:

I just think it's so reflective of the brand (cute, homespun, VERY British) and wanted to share it with all my dear readers. The image was uploaded by Heleen De Boever according to FB, so I hope she'll forgive me for reposting her work, but I thought it was just so lovely I couldn't resist.

Have a nice day :)



  1. Oh wow, I googled my name and found your post, I know this is over a year old but I'd still like to thank you for the kind words you had to say about my drawing! :)

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