Friday, 23 April 2010

Pants are the window to the soul

Apologies for a brief quiet period from MerrieGirl, work got on top of me and I've been working my butt off (sadly not literally) for the last few weeks and just haven't had the chance to sit down adn write anything!

So, while perusing the fabulous new ViceStyle website (google it, it is WELL worth a look) I happened across this:

And while reading the article, I figured, she is so right. You CAN tell a lot about a person form their underwear. I have a friend who wears expensive lacy knickers, brazilian style, in reds and black. The sexyness of these sort of pants really sums her up.
I know another girl who lives in primark cutsie pants with cartoons, bows and hearts on them (lots of pink) and she's a very girly girl - possibly a little bit immature too - but you can really get that from her pants.

I'm not about to go into detail about my own underwear, but I definitely think it describes me, if describes is the right word.

So yeah, read the article and see what i mean, though beware, most of the people interviewed in it don't change their pants every day which is unforgivably gross so maybe save it until after you've eaten.

Pants on guys I feel cotton boxers or jersey boxer briefs are a good way to go, it stops you looking like your mum still buys your underpants. Though I'm less of a fan of really obvious logos, Calvin Kleins are always a win. And man thongs should be avoided unless your manly arse is perfectly hair free and fabulously sculpted.

Have a nice day,

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